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At Bethel, we believe that Jesus is fun! bKids exists to help introduce Jesus in a very real and fun way. We want children to know that Jesus loves them. Jesus even said His favorite followers are “like children!” Our goal is for children to come to know Jesus, and begin to understand just how much God loves and values them.

Weekly Wednesday Webisodes

beginning January 13

bKids Tv

bKids TV is designed to be a conversation starter between parents/guardians and their kids. Each week we will release a short “webisode” intended to help parents disciple their children.
Our aim is to provide content that serves as a launch pad into discussion with your children about your relationship with the Lord and to help them develop theirs.
These episodes are intended to be watched together as a family.
  • AWESOME GOD – Prayer Fasting Guide


Our bBlessings ministry is founded on Jesus’ love for the children. Just as He invited them to be in His presence, we model His example and receive our Nursery and Pre-K children with compassion and love. As Jesus fuels our passion to serve both parent and child, we are honored to share the foundational truths of Jesus through prayers, songs and crafts. Children are a blessing, and we strive to be a blessing in return.