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Life Group Leader Newsletter – October 06, 2020

November Life Group Leader

It’s almost unbelievable…but just that we are at end of another semester!  

We want to take moment to tell you thankful we are for … leadership, time and commitment! __ pray that God rewards richly and refreshes your according to His Word… “A generous person will ; whoever refreshes others will refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25.  

Please take a moment read through this month’s Newsletter and view the as the content contains important upcoming dates and .

Happy Thanksgiving month! We that you have a and wonderful month of with family and friends.

November Encouragement: Teamwork  

Happy November everyone!!  It’s last month of our 2020 Fall semester of Life !  This month’s leadership encouragement focused on the last of the acronym LIFT. recent months our focus been LEADERSHIP, INFLUENCE, FOLLOW-THROUGH, this month is… TEAMWORK!  

To lead well, we to work together because are better together.  Remember story of Aaron and holding up the arms Moses as the armies Israel went into battle?   17 reveals the power impact of teamwork.  As as Moses held his up over his head the staff, Joshua and army of Israel would the battle.  But when arms grew weary and down, their enemy would the upper hand.   was the teamwork of and Hur that assisted to get the job !  We all get weary times.  So, who is up your arms?  Whose are you lifting?  We each other.  Teamwork is key to long term success.  Make it a to develop teammates, co-leaders others who can help weight in your group in turn share the with you!  Healthy leaders one another up.

November Tip of the 

November is the month Thanksgiving and Fellowship, so tip for this month to take time to ! Let’s schedule a day month to have a (girl’s night in) or FNO (fellas night out) something else fun where ’ no Life Group agenda you just enjoy each ’ company and take time reflect on friendships and the wonderful things that has done in our and relationships this year. , make sure to post activity on social media tag @BethelChandler so we see what all you together!


Gift Card Give-Away  

In the November Tip the Month video, Pastor gave an example of fun that a women’s can do together. The three people to email May what that idea will each get a gift card…Go! (

Coaches Meeting

As we near the of our Life Group , your coaches will be you this month to time with you and feedback from you regarding Life Group this semester, well as to share important information with you. do your best to this year-end meeting with coach.  

Spring Life Group Semester

It’s that time again begin thinking about what of Life Group and you want to lead the Spring Semester and you’re going to co-lead ! Spring semester begins the of February 7th. Please the link below to out the Life Group Application Form. Deadline to submit the is November 21st.   Even if you are your current group, please the form and check ‘Continue my life group’ under the Group Information .

Spring 2021 Life Group Leader

‍ Upcoming Dates

Victory Weekend: November 13-14  

Life Group Leader Application : November 21

bMen Locker Room: November 21

bMen Turkey Bowl: November 28

Chica Christmas Event: December 4  

Christmas Huddle:  December 13

Spring Life Group Member Begins: January 10

Spring Life Groups Kickoff : February 7

Sermon notes 11.01.20



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